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Mixing table keys

How it works

1. To enter the competition, you need to submit your mix using the form provided.

2. Up to 16 DJs will be selected from each city.


3. If you are selected, you will need to head down to your nearest Pirate Studios on the given date and time with your USB and headphones ready.


4. You will then have a 15-minute slot to go up against other DJs in your category. Each slot will be live-streamed, and you will be judged based on the audience interaction. Ultimately, an established DJ in your category will make the final decision on who goes through to the next round.

If selected, you'll have a chance to showcase your skills and get judged by both the audience and established DJs in your category. Plus, you'll receive credit to use at Pirate Studios and a year-long membership to all ROTATIXN finals. So, do you have what it takes to become the next best DJ in your genre or city?

Beats 4 you

As the founder of ROTATIXN, DJ Palms brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and achievements that make him the right person to lead the platform to success.

DJ Palms has a proven track record in the music industry, with years of experience as an accomplished A&R with Relentless Records and a successful artist manager. He has developed strong skills in artist development, relationship management, and large team project management, having mentored leading artists who have achieved success with Relentless Records.

DJ Palms is not only known for his accomplishments in the music industry, but also for his role as a founding member of iV Sessions, a groundbreaking creative artist collective. One of their notable achievements is the release of the "Thames Wave Ep" event, which has gained popularity on DSP’s the artist’s featured on the EP performed the entire EP at Notting hill arts club on the same day it was released on all major digital streaming platforms, making it a unique and memorable experience for music lovers.

DJ Palms has played a pivotal role in curating and producing innovative music experiences through iV Sessions, showcasing his passion for pushing creative boundaries in the music industry. DJ Palms is known for his keen ear for music, attention to detail, and ability to adapt strategies to achieve success.

He has also demonstrated his passion for music by investing fully in his passion during the Covid-19 pandemic, attending an A&R Artist Management course where he gained a distinction and qualification.
With his vision for ROTATIXN as a game changer in the music industry, promoting diverse genres, fostering collaboration, and embracing innovation, DJ Palms is well positioned to lead ROTATIXN to new heights.

His background, expertise, and achievements in the music industry, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to empowering emerging talent, make him the right person to spearhead ROTATIXN's mission to revolutionise the music industry.

CREDITS: Chaka Khan, Billen Ted, Stormzy, Headie One, AJ Tracey, Kenny Allstar, fumeztheengineer & ManU Crooks, plus more.

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